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The Future of Analytics and Reporting with SAP

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2019 Qlik Analytics Tour Recap

Looking for fresh approaches to using data ― and using it to lead? Wish you could give everyone in your organization the power to drive competitive edge? Join us for AI in Action: The Qlik Analytics Tour, where we’ll explore the revolutionary new ways businesses are using the Qlik Sense® analytics platform to transform, reinvent, and pull ahead of the pack.


Visualization with Vizlib

Learn how to save time so you can focus what you’re good at: solving business problems with data.


Embedded AI for Banking and Credit Unions

Join Pomerol for a webinar focusing on Embedded AI in the Banking and Credit Union Industries. See how you how can get better insights, better data management, and better predictions from your core systems.


Is Your Data Trustworthy?

One of the top mistakes that businesses make is assuming that their data is accurate. Your output is only as good as your input. If your tracking software isn’t set up properly, then all of the insights that you get from that data are tainted. Let NodeGraph show you how to be confident with your data,


Data Quality, Security and Lineage with NodeGraph

Boost data confidence by understanding and trusting the data in your Qlik Solution.


Extract More Value from Qlik with the Qlik Sense Writeback Extension

Get more value from your Qlik investment. Save time, save money and accelerate the reporting cycle by updating source data direct from your published Qlik apps.


What's the Value of Blockchain within Analytics?

Pomerol begins with a business-focused introduction of the technology. After touching on core components, we move to the real world of business challenges that can be addressed using Blockchain. Practical applications and current pilot projects are used to drive home the potential use cases.


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