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Analytics and Implementation Consulting

Pomerol provides extensive services that will provide you with the capabilities to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns within your data. Understanding your data is the key to effective decision making within an organization. Pomerol helps businesses implement new technologies to optimize business planning, and create cost saving and revenue generating analytical environments.

We deliver technology solutions and full implementation services. Whether it’s Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing or Retail, we have an appetite for all types and all sizes of business data.

We do this through a world class team of consultants specializing in business processes, data science and the latest analytics platforms.

  • ETL 
  • Guided and Self-Service Analytics
  • Automation
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Data and Process Mining

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Business users with the ability to analyse their data in a fast, flexible and cost effective way is the future. Let's do some training and give them the tools they need to succeed.


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