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Experience a New Approach to Exploring and Preparing Diverse Data for Analysis

Data Prep for All

Data wrangling allows all users within an organization to explore and prepare the data. This means the subject matter experts, regardless of data architecture level, will be able to work directly with the data and transform it into the right form. Trifacta’s built-in AI generates suggestions to users on how to clean and modify the data to enhance the wrangling process. Additionally, Trifacta’s software enables the whole data wrangling process from profiling the data to publishing finalized data sets for use.

Work with Diversified Data

Another capability of data wrangling is the ability to work with a variety of data sources. Normal ETL processes are used to transform well-structured data, but many situations involve using different types of data from multiple sources. Trifacta is able to ingest data from different sources and types to create an optimized data set. Transformations such as joins, unions, and look-ups are easy to compute by simply selecting a task and allowing Trifacta’s built-in AI find the matching key between the tables.

Tackle More Opportunities

ETL solutions for the most part are taking transformed data into a centralized data warehouse which then will be used throughout the organization. Many machine learning projects are exploratory at nature and need the data in a different format than what is already available in the data warehouse. Trifacta allows individuals and small teams to transform the data as needed to conduct these projects and quickly iterate between changes in the format or structure of the data set.  


  • Trifacta Wrangler is a connected desktop application to transform data for downstream analytics and visualization.
  • Wrangler Pro supports large data volumes, cloud and on-premises deployment options, and the ability to schedule and operationalize data preparation workflows. Wrangler Pro is designed for analyst teams wrangling diverse data outside of big data environments.
  • Wrangler Enterprises lets analyst teams in an organization use self-service to explore and transform data with a centralized management of security, governance and operationalization. Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise features include expanded self-service scheduling and flow view, increased sampling flexibility, and context-aware wrangling tasks. 

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