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Top 5 Features of the Qlik June 2019 Release

on November 21, 2019

The June 2019 release signifies the halfway mark and the third product release of the year for Qlik, a clear indication that Qlik’s momentum remains strong going into the second half of the year. With Qlik acquiring Attunity and competitors making big acquisitions of their own, how will the Qlik development team differentiate and stay ahead of its competition in the BI space?


So let’s take a look at 5 of the best new features in the latest June release….


1. Visualization Enhancements

  • New Chart Types in the Visualization Bundle 
    • Trellis container –Ability to show small multiples of a master visualization. Great for showing trends across several dimensions.
    • P&L Pivot Pivot table for easier creation and customization of financial reports.
  • Improved Bar Chart Based on Picasso.js, the bar chart now has improved styling options for labels, tool tips, coloring and axes. Also, one can now display measures without a dimension.
  • Map Exploration Menu This allows for the end user to toggle layers, labels and adjust object size and also change the base map, language, and legend all without being in edit mode.

2. Advanced Authoring

  • Copy to Clipboard – The wait is over! One no longer has to use a workaround to copy values from a table or chart to a clipboard. Qlik now has the ability to copy/paste values directly out of the chart. This improvement will reduce several steps and increase productivity when reusing values from a Qlik Sense application.
  • New Grid Layout – This new capability gives developers more flexibility in grid layouts for small and mobile devices. The optimized layout is still the current default but now there is more flexibility in selecting the design to reduce the white space, making the analysis experience on smaller screens that much better.
  • Container Object Enhancements – Small improvements to the container object with the addition of new authoring actions and styling options, which make the value of the container boost. The container object still isn’t supported with NPrinting, but keep your eyes out for the next release around the corner.

3. Qlik NPrinting

  • Ability to run an import task via API to ensure that reporters have the most up to date distribution lists for their outgoing reports.
  • Now supporting advanced search filters so that report builders can have more power and control over what is in their reports.
  • Increased functionality to quickly run and rerun reports for on-demand reporting. 

4. Qlik Insight Bot

  • Insight Bot is now public and available to everyone. Built on top of Qlik’s open API framework and associative engine, Insight Bot is conversational analytics that uses intelligent, self-learning AI to generate insightful discoveries within your data. Insight Bot is available in Qlik Sense and popular messaging tools like Slack, Teams, and more!

5. Qlik Multi-Cloud

  • Identity Provider Groups for Access Control –Organizations can use groups from their active directory to assign access control to apps and spaces within Qlik.
  • Export to Excel – Functionality to export data behind the visualizations to Excel.
  • Third Party Mashups – Creation of third party mashups hosted on an organization’s server with the ability to connect to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Qlik Cloud Services or Kubernetes.
  • Additional Connectors –Added connectors such as a Teradata connector and S3 connector for file base data connection, and support for Qlik Sense Enterprise to run on Kubernetes Red Hat OpenShift.

Other Notable ‘Value-Added’ Product Enhancements



  • Qlik Sense now supports native mobile push notifications on iOS and Android apps. Administrators can push system notifications to their users and include links to specific dashboards to notify/inform user(s) for a variety of reasons.

Qlik Associative Big Data Index 

  • The QABDI will now have a Management Console. This will give organizations a better way to handle, control and analyze their big data.

Dual Use Licensing

  • All QlikView users are now eligible for the Dual Use program to utilize both QlikView and Qlik Sense. Dual Licensing is now easier to qualify for, simpler to implement, and more flexible for one to adopt Qlik Sense at their own pace.

Improved Lineage Visibility

  • New end to end visibility to data assets.
  • Complete visibility to source of data, transformation operations, and downstream publications of objects.

Data Catalyst 

  • New QVD management and consumption features to see, profile, and shop for QVDs in the catalog. Also, there is a new sharing capability for QVDs to be integrated with non-Qlik assets, such as Tableau, PowerBI, R, DataRobot, etc., for optimal performance.

For more information about this June 2019 Release or Qlik in general, please reach out to a Pomerol Consultant at info@pomerolpartners.com.

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