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Organizations in all industries have found success when partnering with Pomerol.

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Big Data | Bio-Pharmaceutical

Leading US-based global bio-pharmaceutical giant sought an efficient and transparent visualization process to support their growing data needs and gain a competitive sales and market advantage using agile business analytics for big data.


Credit Risk and Outliers

Read about how Pomerol used analytics to leverage historical financial data to highlight credit and liquidity risk in major investment banks.


Industrial Supply Chain And Procurement

Leading US-based logistical solutions provider whose state of the art systems help deliver over 40 percent of the world’s retail orders. This firm sought a transparent visualization process to highlight stock ordering anomalies, premeditate supply chain snags and greatly reduce the costs associated with delayed product delivery.


Linking Sales Clusters

For the growing needs of a global bio-pharma giant to gain a competitive advantage, Pomerol Partners linked disconnected sources, and brought agile and beautiful sales dashboards to the front.


Pricing Intelligence

Building a focused pricing strategy solution with Qlik, Pomerol Partners enabled visualization of a client-by-client model with the ability to drill into currency-type, sales executive, region, and pricing tiers. The business users have now regained control over their data and client management.


Prime Brokerage Funding

Leveraging Qlik, Pomerol Partners explored disparate data sets across finance, operations and risk to discover drivers of the PB (prime brokerage) funding gap.


Smart Chicken: A passionate poultry producer from small-town Nebraska makes big waves in BI and analytics

Tecumseh Poultry was founded in 1998 based on a simple goal, “to produce the best fresh chicken in the United States”, and that’s what they do! For over 20 years, they have defined and then implemented methods which result in the highest quality finished products. In other words, they do things the right way. Not necessarily the easiest, fastest or most efficient way. Simply, the right way.